2014 Snapshots

Sunday, January 31

Simple Things……

DSC05680 It’s a couple of days late  but I just came across this blog - Soul Aperture  by way of Mari’s blog and well here is my list of a couple of the simple things that make me happy and content and remember that life is good.

cool breezes. sunshine. kindness. smiles on people faces.  sand in my feet.  the smell of the sea breeze.  vegemite sandwiches. messy fingers from eating with your hands.  sitting on the floor cross legged.   just because phone calls.  hugs.  lemon tea.   clean sheets.   pillows.   flip flops.   waterfalls.   hand written letters. butterflies.   dogs wagging their tails.   spontaneous gatherings. children giggling.   adults laughing.   babies cooing.   serendipity. bright colors.   flowers.   a full moon.  melted butter on hot toast. bike rides.   long walks.   blue skies.    sunsets.   practical church. sunrises.  chocolate cake.  unexpected inspiration.   words that encourage.   goodness.   serenity.   watching children play.  bubbles. scented candles. quietness. calm seas.   sea shells. jumping on a trampoline.  Hibiscus flowers. diversity. reading. cultural experiences.


For everyone that participates and leaves a comment on Christine’s blog – she and her family will donate 1 US dollar to “Doctor’s Without Borders”. ( I know this organization has made their presence here in Thailand and also in Papua New Guinea.)

But for now it’s about Haiti.  What a great idea!


Francesca said...

Wow, Kari, jumping on a trampoline! I NEVER did that, too sheepish ... I like your sweet list.

Mari said...

What a great list! I like hand written letters. They don't come around too often anymore!

Ida Nielsen said...

A beautiful and inspiring list!! Thank you

Christina said...

what a glorious list.
"long walks
yes, these are such beautiful things.
i love it here, so calm.

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