2014 Snapshots

Thursday, January 7

Rainy Day Out.

DSCF2677-r1 I love to spend time with my kids, like all parents.   Sadly though  I must confess I don’t do it enough.  But when I do I almost always do it with all three of them at the same time.

Lately though  I’ve  realized that  because of the age difference with all three of my kids, someone is always left out or doesn’t feel like it was time well spent.  And truth be told that person is always my oldest one – Renee.

So today with Tanysha away at a birthday party/play date and Joshua just happening to nap around the time the closest mall to us opened,   I decided “spontaneously” to take Renee out for lunch and do something special and grown up together. 

It was great.  just to  be with her and to be able to talk with no interruptions from a 5 year old who feels the need to fight for air time,  and well with  Joshua who’s age demands my total attention.

It was a lovely  day.  window shopping and doing some other stuff.   Nothing beats one on one time with those you love.


How about you – do you have special days with all your children at the same time or do you take them out individually?


Francesca said...

That's great! I believe that although our younger kids take up most of our time, it's really the older ones who deserve more attention. Unfortunately, I never really manage to get one on one time with my kids. I somehow should make that a priority.

Anonymous said...

You know being the oldest in my family I never felt left out at all. My mom did things like you did and it was good enough for me. There's something about being oldest that you just don't require all the attention. I never felt neglected at all. I dunno it might just be me. My mom is my best friend. :)

laura said...

I found this post very interesting b/c I also have a 4-point-something-years age difference between my girls, and right now there are some things that we can do that they all enjoy, at one year and five years. But when Madeline turns ten and Sadie is five, I wonder if the age gap will feel wider? I think that my husband's one-on-one time with Madeline is of a higher quality b/c they do things like go swimming together, go for pedicures, etc. whereas a lot of my solo time with her is shuttling her to appointments and lessons.

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