2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, January 6

Feeling Better.


my kids goofing around.. 

Thanks to day and night dosages of antibiotics my boy is feeling better.  So much better.  Except last night he had diaper rash and so was a very irritable little boy.  sebamed diaper rash cream

It’s so not nice when they are irritable but thanks to this cream all the redness and soreness is gone.  Man I love this cream – such a lifesaver!

Thanks for the well wishes for my baby.


Anonymous said...

Glad he's feeling better :) What a cute picture :)

Francesca said...

It really has been a tough few days for him! I'm glad he's better. About the diaper rush, I learned that plain extra virgin olive oil does wonders. I know, it sounds strange, but I became a convert when my daughter picked a terrible gastroenteritis virus at the hospital, and no cream the nurses gave us worked at all. She had blisters, it was so bad. Olive oil worked in one night.

Mari said...

Glad he's feeling better! Great picture of the kids!

victoria said...

I need to get hold of some of that cream just in case. Thanks for the tip :)

laura said...

Glad that J is feeling better - I totally forgot to ask today! Do you find the Sebamed here, out of curiosity?

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