2014 Snapshots

Tuesday, January 26

Damper and Reminders

DSC00135Tanysha’s on a field trip today to a park.  She told me yesterday that she’ll be off to be in touch with “nature”.  The above handout was a reminder that she came home with. Isn’t it cute? Of course as a good mama everything was checked off!!

I would’ve loved to have gone with her but I had another commitment – to help Renee’s class celebrate Australia Day.  Her teacher is an “Ozzie” and so planned an alternative learning day.  Making damper, throwing boomerangs and singing Waltzing Matilda.  Of course all these activities integrated with their subjects.  Maths required for making the damper, science for boomerang throwing and of course singing for arts!!

I love it when classroom learning is made interesting!!

here are some pictures!

DSCF3029 it got a bit sticky!!!!DSCF3020 DSCF3032 but we got through it.DSCF3037

DSCF3038the damper is baking as I’m writing this.

Happy Australia Day.


Mari said...

Sounds like your girls are blessed with great teachers! What fun days!

Thom said...

Happy Australia Day. How fun that must have been. It's so good to have hands on things like that to do :) The reminder was excellent. So cute :)

Francesca said...

We have a boomerang, and always had the hardest time finding the right place to throw it! Happy Australia Day!

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