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Tuesday, December 8

Khao Lhaam – Sticky Rice in Bamboo

I enjoy sticky rice with mango, (as I imagine many  do)

mango with sticky rice(image credit - slice of thai website)

but sticky rice in bamboo to me is even better.  Basically it’s a sticky rice mixture , with coconut milk and sugar added to it. 


The ones I have had are usually a vegetarian variation, where I have found black beans added to the rice.

thai sticky rice in bamboo(image credit- hobotraveller.com)

The above image shows what it looks like once the bamboo is broken.  Some also have a purple color.  I think it may have something to do with the different mix of sticky rice.

Unfortunately  such a dish is not readily available in town. I’m guessing it’s because of the work that is involved in making it. You would need to collect and prepare the bamboos all the same length and then cook them on an open fire for a while.

I’m just thankful that they make them and have them available on the road sides.  The rice in the bamboo is something I always look forward to on road trips.

Maybe in my time here I’ll participate in making some. 

As for the lady in the photo below, I couldn’t figure out what she was preparing while I sat there enjoying my Khao Laam.

Can you help me figure it out?



Anonymous said...

I love that sticky rice. It's a very different taste but it's something so wonderful. :) I would love to try it with black beans added and I would love to try it directly from the bamboo. It looks wonderful :)

Jewel said...

We called in bamboo rice in Cambodia. So good! I only found it in 1 riverside province, and sold only by street vendors not market vendors.

The last picture is interesting... I don't know any sea animal with both a hard shell and spined tail like that.

Puna said...

This is my absolutely favorite desert.

Francesca said...

Thanks for the clarifications, Kari. I just love that rice in bamboo, you can't get a more environmentally-friendly dish than that! About the last photo, all I can say is that I've never seen animal or vegetable like that before.

likeschocolate said...

Looks yummy!

Cate said...

oh that sticky rice looks insanely good. hmm, and as for the lady... i'm guessing that she's not fixing chicken n' dumplings? or tuna casserole?

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