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Tuesday, November 24

Diverse Opportunities!!

DSCF5091  I love an opportunity to share with others a little about my home country.  And it’s even more exciting to be able to share that with children, elementary school children.  I get excited that in a small way we can open their minds and offer them a learning experience (without travelling) about this world.

I am all about  diversity and I love it when school and parents work together to create a diverse learning opportunity.

I’m hoping to get busy in the next couple of weeks with International Week at school.  We had a meeting this morning and the enthusiasm of the parents was awesome.

Here are some of our quick brainstorming ideas.  We also had reps from Netherlands, South America, India, Israel, Philippines, and Croatia.  It should be exciting.  

iphone pictures 736 - Copy

iphone pictures 737

iphone pictures 738

iphone pictures 739

1 comment:

Francesca said...

It's a nice opportunity for you, and a wonderful learning opportunity for the children in the school.

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