2014 Snapshots

Thursday, October 1

I wonder……


What October has for us…… 

It’s hard to believe that it’s  October already.   It’s still rainy season here, and will be for at least another month.  It doesn’t rain much  during the day but there are always thunder storms and downpours late in the afternoon and night. 

Like last night it rained till this morning and it’s only just stopped.

Well this  I know for sure though,  we have a birthday to celebrate,  parent/teacher conferences,  school break, and oh yeah Halloween.  

I know Thailand doesn’t have Halloween on it’s calendar but the trend of “trick o treat” has spread far and wide.  So my kids will be doing the whole Halloween thing.  It should be fun.

Have a great October – full of goodness and sweetness.


Thom said...

Sounds li8ke you are going to be busy. I sure hope all that nasty weather going on isn't affecting you. Have a great October as well my friend :) Aloha

Francesca said...

What a sweet meditative photo. I wonder what she's thinking. Happy October!
PS Google reader is updating now:)

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