2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, September 9

I wish


This is the best I could do today. 

Of course I would have loved to be in the pool but this is what just had to do for now.

It’s been hot and muggy and overcast.  It’s humid and you know the rain is coming, which is something to look forward to but then after the rain comes and goes you know it’s still going to be hot. 

Anyway this was my brief moment to put my feet up.  I had just walked back from the church and needed to cool down, only for a moment though and I was off again.

For some unknown reason I’ve just been very busy lately but such is life – always moving.

Oh before I go…….

after my post this morning I learnt that the Thai’s nationwide gathered to pay their respect to the King who is the “ninth monarch of the Chakri Dynasty at 9.09am”.  At that exact time the Thai flag and the yellow flags (the king’s color) were raised as they sang their national anthem.  Religious ceremonies were also held and the general public took part by offering food to 109 monks during morning alms. 

IMGP0448 Isn’t that interesting?


♥ Braja said...

It is interesting. I love the Thai's mood towards their King. I also love how they stand for the national anthem in movie theatres before the film starts :)))

Kari said...

Braja you are so right. I too love the way the Thai people respect and love their King. And the King's anthem before a screening of a movie is great.

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