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Friday, September 25

Friday’s Fave Five – # 27

springtime FF5

Wow, it’s Friday again.  Another week has gone by so very quickly.

Well if you are wondering what Fave Five is about, then click here.  And then why not join us to share your blessings.  It’s fun. 

So here are my favorites for this week:

1.  Coffee with a friend.  This is always a good thing. It’s wonderful that we have a Starbucks so close by to us.  I enjoyed learning a little bit more about her and her family.  Oh and the mocha latte I had was just delicious!


2.  Seeing changes in my body.  I’ll be honest, it’s a little slow for my liking but I am seeing subtle  difference – especially in my arms.  And of course I’m feeling stronger.  I should be though I’ve been working hard…

3.   Joshua.  My son who is now 15months.  I love this age.  He is such a boy.  I know that probably sounds funny but he is my first boy and is so very different to the girls when they were this age.  But he is healthy and happy and so are we.

DSCF8259 DSCF8272

4.  Attending a Workshop/Parent’s Tea morning organised by the Intensive Studies Parent Support Group.  This week we had a counselor come and speak to us on the topic of “Friendship”.  I went because not only am I am interested in “child physcology (that is my next step after my Early Childhood Teaching course) but especially for my kids.  Just to hear what is normal and what isn’t and how to help our kids not only be good at making friends but also at keeping them.  I think  a great lesson for the parents too.

5.  My talented husband. (I think so anyway).  He made a bedside table and I think it looks great.  I plan on painting/decorating the sides with stencil or freehand.


Thanks to Susanne who hosts Fave Five.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

Mmm! I love mocha lattes, too :-) And what a nice piece your husband made. I like that tall lamp in the corner.

jane said...

great week! and happy weekend! besos!

Susanne said...

Great fave five!

I'm with ya on the Starbucks. My friend blessed me with a White Chocolate Mocha yesterday and a nice visit.

That end table is wonderful and I'm loving the lamp you have in the corner.

Lisa notes... said...

Glad you're seeing the changes in your body - that's great motivation to keep up the hard work. Your little boy is so adorable. Glad you're enjoying him. You are very blessed with a gifted husband who can make things. So nice!

Jerralea said...

Your little boy is adorable! I've only had girls, but I know that toddler boys do things differently than toddler girls. It's ingrained!

Love your lamp and endtable! It so nice for you that your hubby can do that!

elizabeth said...

Your son is adorable and your husband talented = bliss!

Brenda said...

Thats a very nice bedside table your husband made! And I too love having coffee with friends, there is something very comforting about that.

Elizabeth Prata said...

wow, what a GREAT lamp!

Francesca said...

Another beautiful lamp!! How many more beautiful lamps do you have?!
I know what you mean about boys and girls: my girl is so very different from my boys at her age.

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