2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, September 30

Corner View – White in Thailand.

Thanks Jane for Corner View and thank you to Natsumi for this weeks theme – White. 

Here are a couple of  pictures from my corner and my home.

First around Thailand.

Monk dressed in WHITE.white monk

This is a woman monk, rare but not uncommon.

Jasmine flowers.

jasmine flowers

sold by a street vendor.  These flowers are bought and offered at the temples or spirit houses everywhere.

Silk Worms.

silk worms in basket

which just happen to be white caterpillars. 

Before I go on I just got to add these – white with a little yellow.  These are silk worm cocoons.

silk worm cacoons

which eventually end up being spun into something beautiful.

spinning white silk

Like this – white silk wrap.

white silk wrap

And now for some white in my house.

White Elephants DSCF8733

I bought these at a craft market.  White elephants are significant animals in Thailand, but that’s for another post, another day.

Shells.DSCF8684 that I display in my house. Back in  PNG these are used for bride price.

White picture frame.DSCF8692

this was a happy day.

white flower potsDSCF8696

which allow the flowers to be any color.

Large white candle against a white wall.DSCF8703

and a white lotus with  scented candlesDSCF8720 

Well there you have it.  That is the White in my world. 

Make sure to travel and see other corner views from Jane’s side bar. I’m sure it will be inspiring.


victoria said...

Beautiful! My father in law grows silk caterpillars at home, I think they are amazing.

victoria said...

Beautiful! My father in law grows silk caterpillars at home, I think they are amazing.

Kasia said...

So many beautiful white things around... Thank you for the photo of silk warms cocoons- I'd never seen them before!


Lisa notes... said...

I especially loved seeking the white worms and how the beautiful silk ends up happening because of them. Great post.

Cabrizette said...

Happy to visit your place !! Beautiful white theme : monk, silk... Lovely. Have a nice day !

jane said...

great shots! love how the jasmine is strung. thanks kari! besos!

Jodi said...

OH OH OH I Love it!! What a great post. I'm supposed to be in the shower and going to work. 10 min left to leave. But I have to keep looking over these pics. all so different and still the same. great post!

Francesca said...

Such richness in your whites, and such interesting glimpse on different traditions.

Erin said...

So many beautiful white textures. :)

MyrtilleD said...

I didn't know there were silkworms in Thailand. They are really ugly and strange animals but silk is great...

natsumi nishizumi said...

I love your white corner view! These photos are great!! I didn't notice that they're caterpillars...I thought flowers or something... beautiful cocoons!! Thank you for sharing!

Dana said...

Love all the things in your house :)

MODsquad said...

Oh, I love your corner view! Always so full of new things for me! Thank you for sharing your beautiful country with us!

Happy White Day!

Ritva said...

your world is beautiful!
those silk worm cocoons!!!!
just that would have done it!

jgy said...

Your world is filled with beautiful and wonderous white!
No surprise, it feels like an expression of the wonder and clear vision in you:-)

la lune dans le ciel said...

quel bel éventail de blanc !tu nous montres ton pays à merveille !

Courtney said...

I love the photo of the scarf and stairs!

Cris said...

beautiful white tailand!!!

happy weekend to you and your beautiful family kari!!


Jeannette said...

What there not to love about the white in your world?
The monks, the jasmin flowers .. so exotic to me and so beautiful.

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