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Tuesday, August 18

Top Loader Vs Front Loader!

I get excited about new appliances. I love new household appliances.   I really do but then when I actually go out to the store to make my purchase, I get so overwhelmed that I end up just coming back home.  Because I wonder if it’s the best fit and best choice.

There is just so much to think about.  Not only Make and Model,  but as we have become more knowledgeable and information is just in abundance there is so much more to consider – efficiency, space, clothing life, cost,  ergonomics (yes I’ve been reading), and so on and so on.  So much more to consider.

Anyway my new landlord wants to buy a new washer and dryer before we move in.   And she has given us the green light to go ahead and pick one that we like and she’ll buy it.

Truth is,  I wish she would just go ahead and make the purchase for the house, but then again this is an opportunity that I don’t want to pass up.

So after reading up on everything “laundry”  I’ve decided to go ahead with a Front loading machine.  I’ve read such great reviews about front loaders vs. top loaders.  So a front loader it will be.












How about you – what type of a washing machine do you have?   A top loader or a front loader?

Now if only I could decide on the make!!


MODsquad said...

Oh, you'll LOVE the front loading machine. You can get twice the clothes inside and the drying time is so fast! We bought our Kitchen Aid washer and dryer used and they have been wonderful. (knock on wood)

Francesca said...

We only have front loading ones over here, but I understand that the top loading machines use less water, and have one great advantage: if you forget an item, you just pop the lid open and toss it in!
You should also consider what kind of space you'll have, and whether you'll want to use up the space above for shelving, or the space in front for, say, opening a door.

Willow said...

Actually it's the front loaders that use less water. I have one and like it. The only downside to a front loader is one that only a fiber artist would care about. Felting is harder in a front loader >)

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