2014 Snapshots

Sunday, August 9

And the Weekend is over…..

So what were you up to this weekend?  Whatever you did I hope it was all good. 

Mine was filled with Food Glorious Food!!!

And here are some pictures of the weekend. DSCF7232

I just had to go and try out the sweets at the “Thai Sweet Fair” – delicious!!


Different types of rice and rice cooked differently.  “Sticky sweet rice – always my favorite.



iced fruit drink.

And Then ……

Back at home learning how to make “Tom Yum Goong’ – a spicy prawn soup.

(the tomatoes and carrots didn’t go in the soup, they were for another dish)


DSCF7211  DSCF7214

Another weekend filled with food… …… Thai food which I love so it was all good.

1 comment:

Francesca said...

Hope you mastered the Tom Yum Goong, I love prawns and sea food in general:)!

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