2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, August 5

And now she knows.

Renee’s been anxious the last couple of days.  And I think it’s because she’s been wanting to find out who her teacher will be for this academic year.

And today she found out. 

I think there was a sigh of relief.  I’m not sure if it was relief that she got the teacher that she wanted or because now she knows.  She now knows her teacher and her classmates.

I didn’t realize this was such a big deal. 

Watching her with her friends waiting patiently for the lists to go up I realized that this was important to her. 

Personally I think she’ll be fine.  Whoever she has she’ll be fine.     I trust that the school counselors have matched Renee with the person they feel is best matched to her style of learning. 

She’ll be doing 5th grade now.  All her teachers since kindergarten have been great, and this time round I’m expecting the same.

Renee’s ready for school.  I’m ready for her and I’m most definitely ready for a new partnership with her teacher.

Oh and as for Tanysha, well she’s just happy that she is finally in the same school as big sister!!(And so am I!!)    I don’t think she really cares much for who her teacher will be.

How about you?  Did it matter to you?  And did you always get the teacher you wanted?


B said...

So sweet! We tend to forget what things are important to them sometimes. I'm happy she knows now!

Joyce said...

Oh I do remember at different ages when I would get butterflies in my stomach wondering... She is not alone I'm sure there are other kids, sharing the same questions, worries and excitment. xoxo

Susanne said...

I remember when my kids were in the elementary grades how important what class they and their freinds were in was to them. I used to phone a couple weeks ahead of time to the school to find out so some of the stress about it would be relieved from them.

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