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Friday, July 17

Friday’s Fave Five – # 17

springtime FF5

I hope you all had a wonderful week . We did over here even though the computer crashed and a couple of us are still battling the flu but otherwise it was a great week.

So here is my Fave Five for this week .  For more Fave Five’s check in at Susanne’s, Living To Tell the Story.

1.   My husband who knows a thing or two about computers. And thank goodness for that because our computer died for a couple of days.   But it’s all good now!

2.  Good news from home.  I spoke with my mum this week and it was great to hear that Dad is doing well.  He is slowly regaining his strength and putting the weight back on.  There truly is nothing like home and being able to eat foods that you are used too.  Dad spent almost 7 months with me in Thailand and I know he was ready to go back home.  To go back and be surrounded by what he is familiar with.  And that is not only his simple life in the village but also the foods that he is used.  Staples like like fish and sago and casava.

3.   Lipton’s 3 in 1 Vanilla Tea.  I just love this tea and maybe just a little too much.  Something about it that makes me calm down.

vanilla tea 

4. A neat Reminder.  So I found this blog on Willow’s side bar blog links – Jules in PNG and I loved it.  In case you are wondering what or where P.N.G is it’s my home country, my home island in the Pacific Ocean.  Jules blog just had so many photos that they  reminded me of how beautiful my country really is.  It was breath taking. I’ve been away from home for such a long time and it was just awesome to see the beauty captured the way this blog did.  I love the photo’s she posted.  And her writing is not bad either.  Of course our tiny country has it problems but I believe PNG is blessed with such natural beauty and riches.

5. Chocolate.  I just love chocolate.  And right now Guylian chocolate.  I love that they are chocolate shaped shells!!  Oh and they taste pretty good too.

guylian1 That is my latest craze.  I’m just loving this stuff right now.  I hope that I  get over it soon for 2 reasons – firstly it’s expensive and secondly well it’s just sabotaging my exercising efforts!!

Have a great weekend everyone.


Lisa notes... said...

I'm glad you found the blog on PNG. What a blessing to have that view of your homeland.

The pictures of your kids in the sidebar are so cute. They look so very happy.

n a t s u m i said...

Oh, i love chocolate and Guylian chocolate looks delicious! I see the similar one at store here but maybe different brand..

Have a great weekend!! oxox

ellen b said...

Hi Kari! I'm glad your dad is doing better. It's great to travel around the world via blogs and especially sweet to see places you are missing...
Have a nice weekend.

Brenda said...

I love Guylian chocolates, sometimes we can get them at Trader Joes.

So nice to have good news from home, sounds like a great week!

Susanne said...

Such good news about your Dad getting better and stronger. That must be such a relief!

I don't know what I would do without my computer knowledgeable hubby. I probably wouldn't even have a computer. LOL.

That tea sounds yummy. I'll have to look for it in the store.

Pamela said...

I love finding a blog that has pictures of familiar places. How wonderful that you have found one to remind you of all the beauty of your home country.

Rebecca said...

That last one leaves my mouth watering! Hmmm, where is some chocolate in this house?

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