2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, July 15

Corner View # 14 – The Unveiling.

This week’s Corner View theme – “The Unveiling of one’s true self”!

So here I am, this is me.


My Name: Kari Baure

Childhood Ambition: To Be a Secret Agent but if that didn’t work to be a Diplomat representing my country!

Fondest Memory: I would have to say meeting my husband……. at work.  Yes we worked for the same company.

Indulgence: chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.  My latest favorite: GuyLian.

Last Purchase: Antibiotics for my kids

Favorite Movie:  Top Gun(thank goodness Tom Cruise wasn’t jumping couches then) and Shawshank Redemption.

Inspiration: Kindness

My Life: Not always perfect but beautiful.


I’m looking forward to visiting everyone and putting names to faces or at least getting to know my fellow Corner View bloggers a little better.

For more CV head on over to Jane’s.


Anonymous said...

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caitlin said...

What a perfect post. I love the picture and I love that you gave us a formal introduction. Shawshank is also one of my favorite movies.

Pamela said...

Great post, Kari. I met my husband at work, too. I love Guylain!

liza said...

I love your photo and words, Kari! Thank you for sharing!

jane said...

hello kari! nice to meet you! you have a lovely smile!! and the chocolate- i totally get it! besos!

Cate said...

oh, you ARE a diplomat for your country, so i guess your dream came true. i always smile when i read your posts. renee look just like you, huh?

Francesca said...

I think you should add "fun" to your description of your life ... love that photo (and no mask:))!

Erin said...

Ha, I love the cute photo and honest responses. :)

jgy said...

I love your photo---
I notice the eyes! Your beautiful eyes, the birds, and the sunglasses.
I can feel you looking, wondering, appreciating the lush world around you.
(yum, to chocolate, I was allergic to it as a child and somehow only started to appreciate it lately, will have to try the one you recommend here-)
thanks! enjoy today

Ida Nielsen said...

What a fun picture!!! Thanks for telling us a little about yourself (I'm a chocolate addict as well ;-) )

Puna said...

Hi there! I'm so glad to finally see you. You look just like me!

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