2014 Snapshots

Monday, July 13

Chupa Chups!

So 2 weeks ago we packed our bags and were off. 

We were all excited but I was especially anxious as this was Joshua's first trip in an air plane.  My two girls are old enough to keep themselves entertained but you have to agree with me that  in-flight entertainment has really come a long way. 

But here is why I was anxious -  how do you keep an active 13 month old entertained in confined space, thousands of feet in the air and then try to explain to him that what's happening to your ears will go away if you do this or that.   And all the while getting those "looks"  from the other passenger saying with that look - please "sshh" your child. 

Oh yeah you could say I was just a tad nervous!!!

Well after a near total of 30 hours of flying (not all at once of course) I'm very proud and happy to say that JJ was such a little angel.   Apart from his first take off which frightened him everything after that was smooth sailing, or should I say flying!!

Thanks JJ for handling it so well and thanks Chupa Chups for being there for me!! Oh yes you were great.

If you are wondering what Chupa Chup's are they are lolly pop's (a sucker).  They really do help when it comes to flying with kids.


Chupa Chups in the background.. -okay they weren't that big.  They were more like this:


picture credit: google.


after nearly 10 hours of flying we were ready to get off the plane!!

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