2014 Snapshots

Thursday, June 4

We almost had a police escort home……. Almost.

Every now and then the roads here get closed/shut down for the Royal family.  As crazy as the Thailand traffic gets  I’m impressed at how quick and efficient the police work to redirect traffic and shut down the road.

clear path for the king 2

Policeman on his motorcycle – hurrying us along.

This afternoon I experienced it first hand.  In fact we almost had a police escort all the way home.  We were directed to pass through the toll and then told to step on the gas and get out of the way because the Royal family were right behind us. And they were right behind us.

   I wanted to get pictures of their convoy but I was afraid too because there was a police man on his motorcycle riding right next to us. 

clear path for the king  cleared roads – a very rare sight here in Thailand.

So no pictures of the King’s Families motorcade,  but instead clear roads. 

And this is a rare view. You will not see the roads like this very often!

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