2014 Snapshots

Monday, June 15

This Monday Morning…..

I’m out of bed early to see my hubby of to work and then to watch Game Five of the NBA Finals which will start at 7am here in Thailand and it’s 8pm Sunday night in Orlando, Florida.

(Lets GO LA LAKERS – finish it off).

Anyway my babies are still asleep and I’m going to let them sleep in (for this week anyway) because school is over.  YIPPEE.  Oh yeah the holidays are here and we are all so happy for that.

DSC06924DSC04752 DSC06923

I guess the highlight for this holiday will be our upcoming trip. I really want to tell you all where we’re heading to but I can’t. Not just yet anyway. But I promise I’ll let you all know. Maybe an hour before I shut down the computer and head out the front door!! I’ll share.

The other big thing that will happen is our move.  We’ve signed the new lease,  given notice to our current landlord and are in the process of going through our things…..  again.  I’m always amazed at the amount of stuff I’ve accumulated with each move.  Honestly, why am I still holding onto clothes that I know my mummy body will not fit into anymore? 

Anyway I’m getting myself some breakfast and then I’m of to watch the game.

Happy Monday!


Mari said...

How exciting to be moving - lots of work too! I love those sleeping photo's!

jane said...

go lakers! can´t wait to hear about your holiday! enjoy! besos-jane

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