2014 Snapshots

Thursday, May 14

Schedules and Routines.

I’m not sure why but …….

I’m not the most organized person.  In fact I struggle with this big time.  I have my lists and the post it notes here andist2_2747115-post-it-webnotes there. I even have an i-phone which has a calendar where you can put in all your engagements/reminders and still I can’t get it.

It’s just the way it is.

But when it comes to my son, and his schedule/routine and sticking to it – I will do everything in my power to stick to the schedule and not deviate.  I will not let anything or anyone mess up his meal times, his walks, his playtime and most definitely his naps.

So go figure……

How about you are you the organized, on top of everything person or are you like me?

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