2014 Snapshots

Tuesday, May 5

Lau Egu Hanua – Translation: This is my village!

Better late than never I guess.

So in continuing my week of Papua New Guinea I wanted to share a little about the place I’m from.

I come from a village called “Pari” which is a coastal settlement near Port Moresby.  Pari translated to English means wet.  We speak the language Motu and are simple people.  Although we are a village I have to say that we are losing our “village-centered” character and our concern with subsistence gardening and fishing and I think it’s because we are so close to town.

pom cityThis is what the stilt houses look like over the sea. 

I have such great memories of the time I spent in the village.  I remember staying  with my grandparents in their stilt house over the water and going to the  garden and also going in large groups to get firewood for cooking over the fire.  I know camp fires are exciting but this is a way of life.  

hiri dancers Traditional dancers – this is how I will be dressing this Thursday – close to it anyway.

Here are some more faces from Papua New Guinea.

hiri kekeni Slide2Slide3  masalaiSlide4  

From the photo’s it is safe to say that we are a colorful nation.  (all photo’s were taken from Google.com)

Tomorrow(today) I will share about the custom of paying bride price – it won’t be a long essay.  I will try to share a little bit about it.

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