2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, May 27

Corner View # 7 – Tuek Soong Soong (Skyscraper in Thai)

"This weeks Corner View theme is “Cityscapes/skyscrapers”.  Thanks Cele for the theme.

The definition of Skyscrapers is to give a viewpoint toward a city or a heavily populated area .  So to  me I’ve always thought skyscrapers=city.

Well not so.  Not in Bangkok anyway.  Bangkok, the capital city of  Thailand is a city of many contradictions.  Just take a look at this photo.

DSC06610 It has the tall skyscrapers and then a poor mans shed.

Bangkok has a lot of skyscrapers but they’re not just in the city.  They are scattered all over and so it denies Bangkok of any real skyline.

Anyway here below is a picture of the tallest building in Thailand – The Baiyoke Tower II which is 304m/997f, 85 stories, 1997).  I haven’t been to this building but I’ve been told that the middle and upper levels are part of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel.  The lower levels have parking for the hotel and a couple of shops.  There is also an observatory  which obviously has a great view of the city (when it’s not smoggy or overcast like my photo)

I took this photo in my car on my way home from the expressway.


This next photo is where we went for dinner last Friday.  I told my husband that for Corner View the theme was skyscrapers so he suggested that we go out to one of Bangkok’s sky dining restaurants.

Just our luck it had to rain so the Vertigo was closed and we had to have dinner inside.  I was a little disappointed but the food was great.

So with a little help from mother nature my husband got this great photo.  It is a view from the 59th floor from the Vertigo at the Banyan Tree Hotel.


We were suppose to be on the 61st floor but because of the weather wasn’t so great we had to come in.  The picture below is what we would have experienced. 

I will be going back once the rainy season is over, because I just have to experience sky dining. Just as well we aren’t afraid of heights.

vertigo dining

For more skyscrapers click on the links below.  Be sure to visit everyone for some great views.

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jane said...

great views kari! and i´m glad you got a dinner out of the deal...:) happy day!

Joyce said...

Oh my lucky stars! Great view! I love the dinning one. Have a golden day! xoxo

Francesca said...

You're right: there are some inherent contraddictions in cities, not all is glittering and high.

la lune dans le ciel said...

the sight of these skyscrapers is impressive!
In my city buildings do not exceed ten floors !

Ian said...

The sky dining looks wonderful.

Cate said...

wow. your pictures always leave me thinking that you're in a far far faraway land. love that dining room. when you DO get to go back, would you please share those pictures? love your eye.

MisterE said...

Very cool photos. I really liked the last three and would love to have dinner in the sky, what a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

denise said...

Oh, wow. I would be seriously dizzy at that restaurant! What a crazy cool idea, though. And such beautiful skies!

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