2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, May 13

Corner View #5 – The Great Outdoors.

This week’s theme is the “Great Outdoors”. 

And Thailand is truly amazing for the outdoors.  One moment you’re caught up in the modern metropolis and the next your experiencing old-world splendor.  It’s entirely up to you, whatever your fancy is,  it’s here.

I’m an island girl and I love the beach, the water and so it’s so obvious for me to share a photo of one of sandy beaches that we’ve visited.  And there are many here in Thailand, but there is also the mountains which are equally beautiful and peaceful.  And then there are the temples and ancient ruins of which you must visit if ever you come to Thailand.

So here are my pictures of the great outdoors of Siam (Thailand).

bangkok_at_nightBangkok at Night.


Sandy beach @ Pattaya (Tanysha and Renee)


Elephant Trekking in Chiang Mai (my brother, JJ and I)

khao Yai

   National park in Khao Yai

DSC02545DSC02546  Ancient Ruins of a once magnificent Kingdom of Ayutthaya.


The Grand Palace. (my family and mum, dad and my brother)

Thanks again to Jane.  This “Corner View “ idea is just the coolest. Click here below to visit other parts of the world.

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Happy travelling.


Kari said...

You are so right Ian. And the weather is so perfect!

Ritva said...

thank you! my cousin has been several times in thailand with her husband. they really love your country. they have traveled a lot around the world and prefer thailand. so, i´m sure that you have great outdoors there!

C.T. said...

And I want to go to Thailand. The closest was from Munich to Delhi with a stop in Bangkok. sigh..Great pictures and what an unforgetable exprience it must be to see Thailand. Thx, C.

jane said...

kari you captured some great views! thank you! un beso- jane p.s. i love the photo from wed!

ladybug-zen said...

wonderful. i've never been to thailand, but hope to go someday. i love your photos. and your children are beautiful.

MODsquad said...

Oh so AWESOME!! Love coming to see what you are going to share each week!

The Girl in the Yellow Shoes said...

Stunning! I think I would love Bangkok.

Jeannette said...

Wonderful pictures but the most interesting to me was the elephantride. How fun that would be!
But I would actually wanna see all the beautifull things you are showing us.
Have a great day, Jeannette
PS love the worldless Wednesday picture!

Francesca said...

My geography feels very shaky looking at your photos: I can't understand how far apart these places are, but they sure are all amazing. The nature, the architecture and above those ruins, and what remained of that statue: still meditating.

caitlin said...

So cool. I would love to ride an elephant and I would have no problem living in such a cool city or by that beach. Gorgeous.

trinsch said...

i love thailand! i have visited a few times. in the north and the south with all it's beautiful islands. i think thailand is an amazing place to travel. it's fairly easy to get around, there are smiles, laughter and helpful people, yet it is still unique. and then there's the food. the food alone makes me want to live in thailand.

nicola said...

beautiful! my parents just returned from a trip that included thailand. an enviable holiday, indeed.

Ida Nielsen said...

I'd like to go for a hike in the National Park...-so beautiful!!

jgy said...

Looks wonderful there.
I'd love to visit one day.
Thanks for views into your corner.

Bonnie said...

oh Kari ... i love your great outdoors !! bangkok at night is stunning !! and the elephant trek looks like a blast ! not to mention the national park ... amazing !!

n a t s u m i said...

These photos are great! Especially,the one of the elephant!! It must be nice view! I wish I were in Japan, so I can visit there often... haha..

A Captured Reflection said...

Your photos are stunning, what a diverse country, beautiful elements, contrasts - awesome.

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