2014 Snapshots

Sunday, April 19

My Sunday Thoughts…..

Who doesn’t love the story of Jonah and the Whale?  I’m sure we all know this story well but here are a couple of my thoughts:

  • Jonah knew that the storm that was raging was because of him.  When things go wrong in our lives do we look at ourselves first and admit that what I’m going through maybe  because of me or are we quick to look for someone or some thing to blame.
  • I think that when God sent the whale to swallow up Jonah, He was actually saving his life.  Not necessarily punishing him for not obeying him but saving him.  Had Jonah not been swallowed he would have drowned and died.
  • Sometimes in life we experience situations and circumstances that are sticky and smelly and dark and slimy like in the whales belly but by being there God maybe  actually saving us , maybe not from a physical death but a spiritual one,  and that the safest place to be is in the belly of the whale!

Just my thoughts. 

Hope you all had a happy Sunday and blessing for the new week!

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