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Friday, April 24

Friday’s Fave Five – # 8

springtime FF5 

I love Fridays.  I love that the busy school and work week  comes to an end and we can look forward to family time together. 

I’m also enjoying it because I participate  in Friday’s Fave Five.  This is a place to come  and think back over your week and  post 5 favorite things from your week.  This does help me look back on my week and count my blessings.

Some weeks it’s a little difficult to come up with five and other times well there are just so many so many to pick from.  And this is one of those weeks.  But I will keep it to five!!  To join in on the fun or just read other’s Fave Five click on over to Susanne's at Living To Tell the Story.

Here’s my Five for the Week:

1.  Smiles and Laughs.  Seeing the smiles on my parents faces and hearing them laugh as they spend time with my children.  This is the longest amount of time that my children have ever spent with their grandparents.  All my kids were born outside of my home country (P.N.G),  which means they were all born away from my mum and dad and family.  So it makes me so happy that they are spending this time with them.  Obviously it isn’t under the best of circumstances with Dad being sick and all  but it is wonderful. Priceless.

2.  Being Content.  Every where you turn there is so much advertising.  So much of “you need this or you need that”.  And so I’m glad that I have learnt, (and still learning)  to be content.  Don’t get me wrong I struggle with wanting this and wanting that.  And so every now and then I make sure to slow down and step back, take a deep breath and be content.  To just be. And this week I was able to do that.

3.  Yoga.  I’m enjoying yoga.  I really am.  In the beginning I was a bit nervous about practicing yoga because it’s roots are in Hindu Culture.  But it is helping me.  I look at yoga as learning a series of techniques to reduce stress, do gentle stretching and learning to relax.  It has helped me to relax and focus a lot more.  I’m seeing so many benefits from doing yoga , not just physically but mentally too.

4.  This book “The Jesus Storybook Bible”.  I love this book.  I love that my children love it too.  We love to read and learn from it.  It is so well written. Very simply,  but  nothing has been taken away.  It is just wonderfully done. In also  reminds me to constantly approach God’s Word with a childlike faith.

story book bible

5. Susan Boyle.  You’ve  probably all seen the video already and I’m the last person too. I loved it how she surprised not only the judges but the audience with her voice.  It was priceless to see Simon and Pierce’s reaction.  It does go to show that you can never judge a book by it’s cover.  Click on Susan’s name if you haven’t seen the video yet.  Enjoy.

Have a great weekend everyone.  To read more Fave Five’s head on over to “Living to Tell the Story”. 

Thanks Susanne for hosting Friday’s Fave Five.


Willow said...

Kari, I love your Fave Five this week! Grandparents and grandchildren-precious and priceless! Learning contentment-yes! Yoga? Thanks for the reminder to put in my cd and just do it.

Jerralea said...

Great 5 this week! I love what you wrote about being content. In today's culture, I think we all have to work on this. We are so incredibly blessed and can't even see it!

The Blackwood Bonanza said...

I LOVE yoga too! I mostly to it on my Wii fit. It is such a great, relaxing exercise.

Brenda said...

How wonderful for your parents and children to be together, I know how that feels, to be apart and to miss the grandparents.

And contentment, we all need to work more on that!

Sherry said...

Susan Boyle, isnt she a wonderful singer!!?? What pipes she has!

Susanne said...

Being content is truly a gift when we are definitely bombarded with things to tell us to be exactly the opposite. Love that you listed this as a fave.

So sweet that your kids can spend that extra time with their grandparents. That time always makes special memories.

Gombojav Tribe said...

I LOVED seeing Simon's reaction to Susan Boyle!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please come again!

Becky said...

What a lovely list. Contentment is one of my joys as well. And Susan Boyle is a hoot! And very gifted. I love your Friday list. Thanks for sharing.

Thom said...

Great FFF...Susan Boyle has some competition now...an 11 or 12 year old boy apparently. And I think that she is changing her appearance which to me would ruin her...but oh well..

The Correspondent said...

I enjoyed reading your list, Kari.

I hope you have a great week!

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