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Wednesday, March 18

Works For Me Wednesday – String Bags

And it’s probably not what you’re thinking!!


Okay so here is something that really works for me.   String bags.  Large string bags. 

I  use  them to put my son in to have his nap.  In fact I have used this for all my 3 children.  My mother used one for all 7 of us (yes even I use to sleep in one) and from where I come from this is totally normal.

I know it looks awkward, and I have had so many questions about it - but  it really does work.


And here is why it works. 

The bag is comfy and cozy. Put a pillow in it (either a soft or firm one) and then put your baby right in.  Then tie  it to the rope already safely secured from the ceiling (I have it hanging from the sliding door).  Hang it on up and swing.  It really is just like a hammock only this is a bag.

You know how we swaddle our babies and how they love that feeling in their first couple of weeks,  well when my son sleeps in his string bag it gives him that snug feeling.  And what’s really great about it is this,  he sleeps really well for at least 2 to maybe 3 hours.  It works for me because sometimes it is difficult to get my son to lie down in his cot -  because he just wants to keep on exploring this world around him.  So by using this he can’t really move about.  I also believe he enjoys the swinging. Who wouldn’t?

It’s great and it works for me.

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1 comment:

Debbie J. said...

I love the sleeping bag idea! When I have more grandchildren, I will remember this.

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