2014 Snapshots

Monday, March 23

I really Don’t Want to Be the Mum….

That puts so much pressure on her child to do well …….. in gymnastics!

So over the weekend Renee had a gymnastics meet and I found myself having to hold back and just let her go through the motions.  I want her to do well, I mean which mum doesn’t want their own child to do well?  Com’n.

Anyway as I sat there watching not only my child, but the other gymnasts with their coaches and their parents I couldn’t help but think to myself OMG I don’t want to be one of those mums that pressures and pushes and adds on to the coach every time the coach says something – especially at a meet.

Every time after a competition I will ask my kid to evaluate herself honestly and she’s always very honest about her efforts, and she’s tough on herself.  We talk at home but I have to work hard at holding back at the meets to speak to my child in front of every one.  I leave that to the coach. 

I’m being honest here, I have to make that extra effort to just let her go through the motions and hopefully she’ll want to be competitive on her own and not have my voice constantly in her head asking her to point her toes, look up and stick it!

She did better this time round compared to her last meet so I’m happy and so was she. 

Here are some pictures:

DSCF4506warming up for the floor exercise

DSCF4546Balancing Act

DSCF4547trying not too fall.

I was very proud of her effort.

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