2014 Snapshots

Monday, January 17

beginning of the week


how do you plan your meals for the week?

Do you go through your pantry and fridge first and then put together a menu? or do you go through your week, see what everyone has going and then do a menu plan or do you just take each day as it comes?

Recently I had to throw away a lot of food.  I overstocked and just never got around to using stuff that I thought I needed and would use.  It was a big waste, and I hated that I had to do that.  So now my pantry is totally bare, and I am making every effort to keep it that way.

For me Sunday nights is when I go through everyone’s schedule for week, then I check my pantry and fridge to see what I have.  Depending on those two things I put together a dinner menu for the week.  Whatever that I don’t have,  I make a list and grocery shop on Mondays.

It’s been great so far – no overstocked pantry, no packed to capacity fridges and I’m happy.

the dinners I make are usually quick and easy. Easy for me and enjoyable for everyone.

How do you approach your dinners?  Do share.

This is what were having tonight.  Filipino Adobo Chicken.


If you are interested in the recipe click on the image.

Wishing you a happy week.


Mari said...

I make a menu for 2 weeks at a time. I look at our schedules and my pantry and plan accordingly. While you are paring down, I'm stocking up. I've been buying extra when I get a really good deal - now I have to watch it so I don't end up wasting it!

Karen said...

Ideally, my plan is similar to yours. Lately, I've been making too many trips to the store, so I know I have to sit down and take inventory. I do tend to stock up on things that are on sale, but since we moved and no longer have a freezer, space is limited.

Francesca said...

I don't do menu plans, and my grocery list is just for staple foods. I plan dinners according to what I find in the stores - which are not well sticked - or in the garden in summer.

;) said...

I love this gourmand way to begin ;)
Have a nice week

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